Boiler not working? Here’s what you need to do!

17 Jan

Boiler not working? Here’s what you need to do!

There is nothing worse than waking up to a cold house on a January morning and having to experience the wrath of cold water on your skin, as you get ready for the day ahead.

There are many different reasons why our boilers decide to misbehave, especially in the winter months. It could be the sudden power surge after not being utilized during the rest of the year, or it’s simply just had enough and not able to cope.

Don’t worry, there are many simple ways to check where the problem lies with your boiler but never attempt to repair the boiler yourself. Only a gas safe engineer should perform any boiler repair work and maintenance.


Check gas supply

The best way to check whether your gas supply is working or not is to check your other gas appliances in your household. Try turning on your gas cooker or gas fire, and if no gas is coming through that means you may have a gas supply problem and you’ll need to call your gas supplier.

Check power supply

Check your electrical supply to ensure your boiler is still plugged in. Sometimes, a power cut can cause the boiler clock to reset and lose your preferred settings.

If it is possible, check the user manual to rest your boiler to your settings and retry turning it on in couple of minutes

Check water supply

It’s worth checking if your water supply is turned on, if not, you may need to contact your water provider to investigate.

Check boiler pilot light

A boiler light can go out for a number of reasons. Using your boiler user manual, try to ignite your pilot light. If that fails, you will need to call a Gas Safe engineer to detect the problem and repair if necessary.

Check boiler pressure


The typical pressure range for modern boilers is 1.0 – 1.5 bar.

If your pressure gauge is lower than 1 bar, most systems will not function due to the boiler safety set up.

You can use your boiler user manual to get instructions on how to refill and restart your system if your boiler is below this range.

If the boiler pressure is showing the correct level, then you will need to contact your gas engineer.



Still no luck?

If the advice so far has made no difference to your heating or hot water supply then it would be wise to call in your gas safe registered engineer to further investigate the problem.

The most common boiler issue is the pressure dropping which causes the system to come to a halt. But this is an easy fix you can take care of yourself by adjusting the water pressure, according to the boiler user manual.

Learning to recognise these small faults can help save you money and avoid unnecessary call outs. But if in doubt, always call your gas safe engineer just to be sure!