Choosing the right boiler for your house

6 Apr

Choosing the right boiler for your house

Spending some time researching which type of gas boiler is best for your home can save you a lot of money in the long run. It’s important to select a boiler that is right for the size of your home, to ensure it is efficiently providing you with the correct level of heating and hot water around your house.

Luckily unlike radiators, there are only 3 types of gas boilers you can choose from. These are Combi-boilers, Regular/Conventional boiler and you have the System boiler.

We’ll go through each one in a little more detail so you can get a good idea of which gas boiler would be best suited for your home.


Combination – Combi-Boiler

A combi boiler, also known as a combination boiler is the most common types of boilers in households. They are highly efficient and ideal for smaller homes, as they don’t require a bulky water storage tank space.

The name combi-boiler comes from the fact that they are able to heat up the water and the central heating unit.



Easy to install and run

Energy cost efficient


Not compatible with all types of showers

Can run multiple showers at the same time

No backup water heater

Regular boilers

A regular boiler, also known as a conventional boiler is made up of a number of parts. This includes the boiler, heating controls, hot and cold water storage tanks and cisterns. They work by using the stored water principle and require a hot water cylinder to operate.

They are often found in older and larger homes and are becoming less popular option in today’s day and age.


Can use multiple taps at once

Compatible with solar thermal

Works well when replacing an older system


Takes up large amounts of space

Cant have instant hot water once used up

Complicated to install

System boilers

System boilers are fitted to sealed heating systems but the difference here to combi boilers is that they have a cylinder for water storage. It works in a similar way to a regular boiler, however, it required additional units in order to operate such as a pressure release valve and expansion vessel


Use multiple tabs at once

Does not need a cold water tank

Compatible with solar thermal systems


Not compact

Loss of hot water if overused

Can only use hot water as much as your storage tank can hold


When choosing your boiler it’s important to consider the size of your home and the number of people that will be using the hot water and heating. You need a boiler that will be sufficient and big enough to heat the whole system.