Why choose oil central heating & how does it work?

9 Sep

Why choose oil central heating & how does it work?

Why do people use central heating oil?

Have you ever wondered why people choose to use central heating that is fuelled by oil? The answer is that their property won’t have any kind of no connection to gas mains.

Within the UK, there are around 4 million homes that aren’t connected to the mains gas and within these homes, 1.5 million heat their households using oil based boilers as the preferred option. With many of our customers choosing our highly efficient condensing boiler technology, it is no wonder that over a million homes choose this type of boiler as a direction to go.

Another reason for this choice of boiler, which is less common, is that some areas of the UK have had gas installed in recent years, but the property has not converted to be fulled by oil.

With our bespoke services in boiler instalments, here is some more information as to why are customers choose this option to assist you with your decision making.

How does oil central heating work?

As the cold dark nights are on the horizon and the Christmas countdown has begun, installing the right heating choice for you is essential for you and your household demands.

Our Oil central heating systems have a similar operating system as that of gas-fired boilers, but the key difference is that homes establishing heating oil will need to plan little more further in advance.

We use Worcester and Greenstar as our number one choice of boilers due to their market leading credentials and their dynamic technology. Choosing the correct boiler though is a very important decision, one that needs time and research.
If you are in doubt of which boiler you will need to invest in to meet your household requirements, please visit oil central heating

We advice you to think about two important factors: the volume of your property and how well insulated your house currently is. By offering this information to us, we can then determine what the next steps will be for you.

To assist your mind further, boiler output is normally measured in kW. We have a fantastic team of specialists here at Gascare and believe in high quality products with a professional service and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please visit contact us to enquire today.

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