5 common problems to look out for with your boiler!

20 Oct

5 common problems to look out for with your boiler!

While we are basking in the sunlight of the summer weather, we forget about our boilers due to not using them. Why? Because who turns on the heating in the summer!
The winter months come as a surprise and we tend to bypass our essential boiler maintenance.

We have created a checklist for you that will require your immediate attention. So, if you want to be all cosy and warm in this seasonal period, read on.

“It is too cold in my home!”

There could be a number of explanations for this, it could be that your pipes are frozen or you have limescale occurring in your household. A common concern is an inaccurate thermostat.
A tip is to keep this piece of equipment clear of any electrical devices as this will effect the origin of the thermostat. So, if you have your heating up very high, but your home is still a chilly igloo, then this could be the source.

“I have checked my boiler and it is frozen!”

This can look quite intimidating but do not worry this can be easily remedied! How? Well, this could happen if you have a new type of “condensation boiler”. This boiler has a pipe at the back that funnels condensation away from the unit, due to being filled with water, it can freeze during the cold winter nights causing the boiler to completely stall. The answer? Simply defrost your boiler with warm (not boiling) water and pour it over the length of the pipe we mentioned until it has been thawed. This will then allow the water to run smoothly again, just allow a few minutes for your boiler to process and reheat your home again.

“My boiler is talking to me”

No, your boiler is not trying to make friends – it is trying to give you a message though! If you hear clunking and clanging that is keeping you up at night with one eye open it is because your boiler has had a build up of air within it’s system. The occurrence of leaking pipes can draw unwanted air, the same problem can also be caused by low pressure. For this problem, you will need to call an engineer and ask for assistance. You can call one of our specialists for advice and assistance on this so not to worry!

“My pilot light is out? Should I be worried?”

Yes. Yes you should be. This needs urgent attention and you must call one of our specialists straight away. The reason behind this is because there can be a build up of gas, which could cause an explosion – if you smell gas, you must contact us immediately.

“I have some weird substance – I think it might be limescale?”

Another source of strange noises can be limescale. This substance can build up with your heating system the exact same way as your kettle. Limescale can significantly damage your boilers efficiency and puts stress on the system itself. If this occurs, you must have a professional remove the limescale and they will use a suitable solution to clean it. Do not attempt to do this yourself.

At Gascare we understand the importance of a fully functioning boiler during the winter months. Call us today to discuss your needs with a fully trained and qualified heating engineer.