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Boiler Installation Hinckley, Leicester & Nuneaton

Oil or gas boiler installation, doesn’t have to be complicated, whatever you’re requirements our gas safe registered installers are on hand to help however they can.

Whether you’ve purchased your gas boiler either from a third party or from ourselves, one of our Gas Safe registered engineers will visit your home and carry out your gas boiler installation correctly with minimum disruption – for a fixed fee, it couldn’t be simpler. We cover Leicester, Hinckley and Nuneaton.

One of our boiler installations One of our guys fixing this bolier Setting up the bolier The Finished Boiler Fitting

Types of Boiler

There are 3 types of boilers that have a different purpose for different house systems.

Combination Boilers –

‘Combi boilers’ are generally the most popular boiler choice for many households. The stats state that 2 out of every 3 boilers installed annually within the UK is a Combi Boiler. But what makes these boilers so popular? Combi boiler’s acts as a two in one which caters both central heating and water heating system within one function. Combi Boiler’s are ideal for smaller properties as they eliminate the need for large tanks and cylinders. Combi boilers are generally offering a higher efficiency level as compared to other models. It is estimated that installing a newer combi boiler can save you an estimated £300 a year on your heating bills. With all the plus points to Combi boilers, we have to reiterate that these types of boilers are tailor made for smaller houses – as it is not possible to run two showers at the same time. So this type of boiler is not suited to houses with more than one bathroom or en-suites.

Regular Boilers –

Regular boilers are often referred to as “traditional” or “conventional” boilers – and require a hot water cylinder to function. Such boilers are more relevant to larger houses that contain en-suites and more than one bathroom. Regular boilers require a header tank in the loft area – making these types of boilers more common in older houses. The obvious benefit that traditional boilers have in comparison to combi boilers is that you are not limited to how much hot water is required, so someone in a bathroom can have a shower/bath whilst someone else in the house uses the same function in the en-suite without compromising power or heat. Regular systems are also compatible with more solar systems – which can increase efficiency and reduce heating bills. Call us now on 01455 848 491 for more info on this.

System Boilers –

These boilers are similar to Regular Boiler systems, but the main difference is that there is more of an emphasis on heating water directly through the system boiler, without any need for a feed or an expansion tank. This is because the pipe work will allow the water to travel from the cylinder through to different parts of the house more efficiently. Such boilers are quite commonly found in new builds and installation is much easier.

For all your boiler installation queries, please contact our Leicester office today on 01455 848 491 and let our team of experts assist you in making the right choice for your home.

Along with oil boiler installation and gas boiler installation, we can also assit with a wide range of other products including:

  • Central heating installation
  • Gas fire installation
  • Surround suites
  • Performance showers
  • Bathroom installation

I couldn’t be happier with the work carried out by Gas Care Services – highly recommended!